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Setting the Timing for Review Request Emails

Pick the best fitting time for requests adjusted to your shipping and delivery. If the review request arrives before the product itself it won’t be very pleasant for the customer. However, if the request comes too late it might not capture the initial excitement with the product.

Here are the few things you need to have in mind before customizing review request timing:

  • Order processing time
  • Shipping and delivery time
  • How long does customer need to use your product to form an opinion 

Once you’ve come up with the appropriate time you can customize it under Collect reviews in Monimo Dashboard. There find ‘Review Request Emails’.

Timing can be set up to 70  days after the following events:

  • Completed purchase
  • Fulfilled order  
  • Product delivery

Contact the Support Team if you wish to set your timing for less than one day.

To maximize the opening rate Monimo sends emails during the working hours in the customers’ local time.

After Purchase

Setting timing for ‘After purchase’ means that the request will be sent the number of days you chose after the customer has completed the purchase and reached the order number page. 

This is very inaccurate because it doesn’t take the time needed for processing the order and possible shipping delays into consideration.

After Fulfillment 

Setting timing for ‘After Fulfillment’ means that the request will be sent the number of days you chose after the order has been fulfilled.

If your orders are not fulfilled within Shopify, meaning the order status doesn’t update in Shopify emails are not going to be sent at all. If you fulfill your orders outside of Shopify we don’t recommend using this option.

After Delivery 

Setting timing for ‘After Delivery’ means that the request will be sent the number of days you chose after the order has been delivered to the customer.

This is a very reliable choice because then you only have to worry about how much time is needed to experience the product. It also prevents wrong request timing due to variable shipping times that different products have.

To implement ‘After Delivery’ timing, Monimo uses Shopify’s shipment_status in orders.

How to use Shopify’s shipment_status 

Email requests are scheduled according to shipment_status of the order.

To be able to use this method your package has to be actively tracked through Shopify. Keep in mind that if the shipment_status doesn’t update Monimo won’t send the email. 

Shopify Shipping labels allow you to track packages from shipping companies like UPS, USPS, DHL Express, Sendle, Canada Post and many other.

Our Support Team is always ready to help you if you ever need it.

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