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Giving Monimo Permissions and Why We Need Them

To provide our services we need certain permission, like any other Shopify app and most apps in general.

Here are permission we need and why:

View Shopify account data – for Monimo account to be created and later for Monimo to be integrated we need some information like your shop’s URL, currency in use and locale.

View orders – information from orders are necessary for us to fill-in your request emails like customer’s name and email, order date, fulfillment status and ordered product. All time access is required for us to send Bonus request emails to your previous customers.

Manage products – to be able to calculate Monimo driven revenue for Monimo analytics, check if the product still exists in your shop, not to send email request for nonexistent products, to gather product photos for request emails

Manage customers – in the light of Shopify terms of service Monimo like all other apps allows users to report when customers unsubscribe from the emailing list. This information is stored on Shopify’ customer record and is used to sync information between apps

Manage your online shop – this is necessary for you to successfully install and use Monimo widgets in your shop

Manage marketing – to be able to show your Monimo driven revenue on Shopify admin with the use of ‘Marketing Events’ 

Manage other data – this mostly applies to pricing rules. Used to give discounts to customers.

For any further questions and expectations regarding permissions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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