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Monimo Sidebar widget

Monimo Sidebar provides easy access to the reviews page from any page in your shop. It’s an elegant and neat solution for displaying reviews. Customers access the reviews page by clicking the button at the side of the page.

How to activate Sidebar widget automatically

To activate Sidebar widget automatically follow these steps:

  1. Go to Display Reviews in your Monimo Dashboard
  2. Find Sidebar widget and activate it

3. Choose desired theme and click ‘integrate now’ button

How to activate Sidebar widget manually

To activate Sidebar widget manually follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Shopify’s Themes menu
  2. Select ‘Actions’ menu and click ‘Edit code’
  3. Choose Layout/theme.liquid file and add this code at the bottom of the page:

<div id=”monimo_social_proof2″></div>

4. Click ‘save’

How to customize Sidebar settings

Sidebar is a content aware widget that displays reviews according to the page the customers are on. On the product page the reviews shown are from that product, however on other pages it shows reviews from various products in your shop.

To adjust sidebar settings click on ‘Sidebar widget’ under Display reviews.

Have a perfectly matching Sidebar by customizing the following features:


  • Position – Set the position of Sidebar on your screen
  • Button text – Enter the text you want on your Sidebar button
  • Button background color – Choose a color for the button itself 
  • Button text color – Choose the color of the text on the button
  • Display on – Set on what pages should Sidebar be displayed on
  • Hide on mobile – Set Sidebar to be hidden on mobiles



For full screen overlay you can choose:


  • Title – Give a title for screen that Sidebar opens
  • Title text color – Choose a color for the title
  • Title background color – Choose the background color for this page
  • Display on – Set the product thumbnail or link to product page to be displayed



Congratulations, you have set your Sidebar widget.

If you have some trouble implementing the code don’t hesitate to contact us via Monimo assistant!

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