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How to add Multiple-Choice Questions to the Review Form

Create your own multiple-choice questions and add them to your Review form with Monimo. It is very useful because it gives you simple and straightforward answers that help you understand your customers better. 

Collect this valuable data with customizable questions.

Do the following to add desired questions:

  1. Go to Collect Reviews
  2. Find Review Form
  3. Add a customized question by clicking on ‘New Question’
  4. Fill in up to 5 answers that customers can choose from

Advanced Settings:

Decide on the questions’ visibility and optionality:

  • Private – collect data to understand your customers better. It is only visible to you in Reviews on Dashboard
  • Required – set questions to be mandatory for everyone that submits a review

Review’s quick view will show the answer to the question.

Answer will also appear on the Reviews tab.

In case you need assistance with anything our Support Team is more than happy to help you! 

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