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How to create a ‘Happy customers’ page

Monimo allows you to display all your reviews in one place – a ‘Happy Customers’ page.

As everything is customizable in Monimo you can adjust this page as well so it fits perfectly with your shop design.

How to add Happy customers page automatically

To create a ‘Happy Customers’ page follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Display Reviews in Monimo Dashboard and choose ‘Happy Customer Page’

2. Activate ‘Create Reviews Page’

3. Adjust all desired options:

    • Star options – Import reviews with 4 and/or 5 stars only
    • Picture options – Import reviews with pictures only or without pictures as well
    • Content options – Import solely reviews with content or those without it as well
    • Header text – write the title for your ‘Happy Customers’ page in the box
    • Reviews per page – Set the number of reviews per page 
    • Maximum pages – Set the maximum amount of pages it can have. For unlimited number put 0
    • Sort by – Sort your reviews by date or randomly

4. Save your Settings

After the page was created you can see it by clicking on ‘View Page’.

To make this page visible in your shop do the following:

  1. Head over to Shopify and choose Online store/Themes
  2. Click on ‘Customize’ button
  3. Select Header and click on ‘Edit menu’
  4. Click ‘Add menu item’ and find your page
  5. To finish click on ‘Save menu’

Drag and Drop

To add Happy Customers page with Drag and Drop option follow the next steps:

  1. Make a ‘Customer page’ in Shopify panel
  2. Go to Display Reviews tab in Monimo Dashboard
  3. Scroll down to ‘Drag and Drop’ option

4. In ‘Choose theme’ select your desired theme from the dropping menu then click on ‘Customize’ 

5. Go to the desired page

6. On the left-side menu, click ‘Add section’ and choose ‘Monimo – Happy Customers’ under APPS

7. Position the widget where you’d like it to appear by dragging it up or down

8. Click ‘save’ button

In case you need assistance with anything our Support Team is more than happy to help you!

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