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Removing Monimo from my Shop

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How to remove Monimo?

You have to remove Monimo from your shop to pause or cancel our subscription. You must remove Monimo from the Shopify apps menu. Notify that we cannot do this for you, you have to do it.

If you choose to come back (or unpause) Monimo saves everything so you can start from where you left. 

If you wish to remove all or some data please contact us.

How to prevent Monimo widget from appearing in your shop after uninstalling?

  1. Head over to Shopify admin Themes page
  2. Select ‘Actions’ and then click on ‘Edit code’
  3. Choose theme.liquid file for edit
  4. After finding the code below, delete it: <script src=”” ></script><script src=””></script>
  5. Press on Ctrl+F5 (or Cmnd+F5 on Mac) to refresh the page without cache

There are some other codes you might find there, that are added by Monimo. However these will not affect anything on your page.

If you have any troubles going through previously mentioned steps please contact our Support Team.

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