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Guide to All Monimo widgets

Monimo offers you various widgets to present your reviews to your customers with. This wide array of widgets with diverse positioning and dynamic build trust with customers at different moments in their shopping journey. In this article we will go over all different widgets Monimo provides.

Homepage widget

Place reviews on the page customers first stumble upon. Build trust at the first encounter with your shop by adding reviews on the Homepage.

Product page widgets

Very common and effective way for boosting social proof is featuring reviews on product pages. There are only reviews for that certain product helping customers make a decision to purchase the product. Reviews are accompanied with rating stars and you can also set ratings list on your product page. Choose how you wish to sort them and what additional information to add (eg. date, country, name…)

Collection page widget

On collection page customers can search product types they are looking for, and instead of getting a product solely, they can immediately see the rating of that product as well.

Sidebar widget

Sidebar represents a very neat yet easy to access solution for featuring reviews. When customers click on the Sidebar button a ‘Review page’ opens up.

Cart page widget

Motivate the customer to purchase with reviews featured on the Cart page. Reviews on the Cart page are great for battling abandoned carts.


Monimo Pop-ups display reviews while the customer is browsing through your shop. If the customer is on a product page, reviews from this product will show, meaning that pop-ups are content aware widget. On other pages, pop-ups will show reviews from different products in your shop.

Testimonial Sliders

Place them on any page you want to add dynamic reviews. Selected reviews will be put in a Slider that automatically changes from one to another of your chosen reviews. Set the maximum number of reviews in Slider in the settings.

Visit our demo shop and see all the Monimo widgets in action.

Widgets are not visible on your store? Click here to learn how to integrate Monimo into your theme.

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