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Etsy and eBay merchants


We believe in your success

Monimo supports merchants that resell or sell their own products with a handy yet easy to use app. We want you to feel successful on your climb to the stars.

With neat designs and functional options we want to create an environment perfect for your growth. Bring the improvement into your business, never having to sacrifice your style.

No matter what you’re selling and to whom, Monimo is here to help you maximize your potential. Join us on the journey of your success.


From stellar idea to dancing with the stars

In 2020 our small but valuable team dreamed of making an app that would change customer experience. That dream was named after mythological god Monimos, the god of the evening star.

Our goal was to change the market by creating an app that would make customers feel comfortable to fulfill a purchase by giving them social proof. Our team strives to only do the good things for you and your brand.

Now our app can help you and everyone else feel comfortable about their business. Install the app to become a part of our story.


We help merchants gain trusting customers 

Social proof is a very important factor when a customer is deciding on a purchase. Having other people verify the quality of the product and service can build trust between customers and the brand.

Our app is designed in such a way that it brings the best out of social proof. Having control of what customers leave behind is very important in maintaining your reputation on the Internet. Monimo is doing all of this but with a style. Your reviews will look awesome and help your customers as well. Customize in style, language, display location to add personal touch. 

Get a solution that fits your needs 

Enrich your shop with valuable yet stylish reviews. Adjust everything to your needs, from language and import country to avatars, names and different shapes of rating stars.

Partner with developers 

Become a part of our great galactic team and help your clients build a shop with Monimo reviews. Help them customize their reviews and build their dream shop. Get to use all of our options for free for unlimited time while being a Monimo partner.


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