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What are Monimo-Driven Sales

Monimo-driven sales are those that were generated with the help of Monimo features.

There are three types of Monimo-driven sales regarding what helped the customer go through with a purchase:

  1. Discount – purchases stimulated with a Monimo discount
  2. Referral – purchases made through referral programs and shared shop link through social media
  3. Widget – purchase made after the customer’s interaction with Monimo widgets

Look at some other types of Monimo-driven sales that are featured in Monimo analytics to better understand them:

    • Retention revenue – revenue generated from customers that interacted with Monimo email including review requests, review reminders and discount emails. Customers that used a discount for leaving a photo review are counted here as well.
    • Acquisition revenue – revenue generated by the customers that came through Monimo referral program or any SEO services Monimo offers including Google Snippets and Facebook integration.
    • Conversion revenue – revenue generated after customer interacts with some of Monimo widget, like clicking on a review to read it 

Orders that are Monimo-driven will have a tag that shows in what way Monimo helped.

Module Meaning

Monimo Reviews – Discount for Photo Reviews — Purchase customers made using their discount code earned by submitting a photo review.

Monimo Referrals – Friend Discount Purchase —- Purchase made by a customer referred to your store through a unique referral link.

Monimo Referrals – Advocate Reward —- Purchase made by a referring customer, when they redeemed their reward.

Monimo Reviews – Review Request Email Purchase made by a customer directly after submitting a review.

Monimo Reviews – Photo Reminder Email Purchase made by a customer after submitting a photo due to reminder email. 

Monimo Reviews – Share on Social Media —- Purchase made by a customer that came to your shop through a referral review shared on social media

Monimo Reviews – SEO —- Purchase made by a customer that came to your shop through one of Monimo’s SEO services.

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