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Customizing Review Widget Appearance

Match your shop’s look by customizing review widget’s style, colors and impression.

When making changes in Theme Settings you are affecting all review pages. 

Layout Style

Reviews can be arranged in two different lists – Basic and Side and two grids – Basic and Masonry. Side list is more compact, and Masonry grid has a fun twist with review arrangement.

Layout style is responsive to devices so you can set the number of columns you want reviews placed in on each device type. Choose if reviews will be shown at all on different types of devices.

Display Reviews

Display rates list as well as the date and also choose desired date format.

Some additional information you can choose to include are Review Images, Avatar, Verified account, Country and Customer names. To perfect these you can customize the image size and the name format.

Set a limit for the maximum number of reviews per page.

Theme customization

Customize Theme, Icon and Avatar style.

There are two Theme Styles – light and dark.

Avatar image comes in three different styles Colorful, One color and Monimo icon.

Rating star icons come in many different and unique shapes. Their color and alignment can also be customized. 

CSS Editing

In CSS Editing you can edit CSS code and further experiment with your shop’s look. 

After adjusting everything to your likings don’t forget to ‘Save settings’.

In case you need assistance with anything our Support Team is more than happy to help.

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