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Discounts for Photo Reviews

Monimo gives you an opportunity to give your customers a discount for submitting photo reviews. 

There are two different types of discount codes you can offer. One being a unique code for that specific customer which cannot be shared with others. Another type is a single code that can be used by any customer that fulfills certain requirements. These requirements can be defined within Shopify.

Monimo discounts are offered only to customers that have submitted a photo review. Discount will not be provided for a text-only review.

Unique code

For every customer submitting a photo review Monimo generates a new code.

In your Shopify Discount Menu all discount that you previously set the amount for will be presented in the following way: 

You can set these codes for customers that wrote a review through review request only or to give them to customers that wrote reviews directly in your shop as well.

Expiration date for discounts – set for how long will your discounts be able for use after the customer receives it. Choose the length in the drop-down menu. 

One Code for all customers

Creating this code through Shopify allows you to set requirements for customers to be able to use it. The requirements can be a minimal amount purchase limit or allowing the discount to be solely used on certain items.

To make this type of discount do the following:

  1. Head over to Shopify Discounts menu
  2. Select ‘Create Discount’
  3. Set the rules for your discount
  4. Click on ‘Save Discount’
  5. Fill in the discount details in ‘Collect reviews’, ‘Discount Settings’ under Settings
  6. Click ‘Validate’

Discount Reminder Emails

Customers are reminded about their discounts with email that Monimo sends containing a link to your shop to redeem it.

Emails are scheduled to be sent 5 days after the customer has received a discount.

In case discounts have expiration dates, email will be sent 5 days before it.

In Translation/Emails you can change the content of these emails.

If you have any troubles going through previously mentioned steps please contact our Support Team

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