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How App Charges and Billings work

All app charges and billing cycles are managed by Shopify according to their policy.

Billing information

When you choose any Monimo plan you approve those subscription charges. After finishing the free trial period your billing cycle starts, with no need for further approval. Usage charges in Unlimited plan are also included.

The Basic plan is the welcoming plan. Designed to help merchants adjust themselves to Shopify environment. After finishing the free trial Basic plan is available until reaching 500 orders or $10 SMS credit. Then the Monimo Dashboard becomes locked and no changes can be made. However, all customer-facing features will remain the same. For further information go to Basic Plan.

One billing cycle is 30 days and it starts when the free trial ends. Although Shopify and Monimo Billing cycles might start at the same time, you will be charged for Monimo when you are for Shopify.

Making changes in your plan

Only once the app is uninstalled will Shopify remove Monimo fees from the total. This does not include fees that have already started generating.

Pausing your store can only last up to 90 days when Shopify unpauses it, and fees start applying again. 

For changing Monimo plans go to Pricing in Monimo Dashboard. This can be done at any time.

When you downgrade your plan, Monimo calculates the fee differences and you’re given the change in app credits. The amount is calculated according to the number of days in a month you spent on each plan.

How to find Shopify Invoice?

Your invoice can be found on Shopify Billing Settings. 

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