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Monimo Assistant

Sometimes you might need the help of Monimo Assistant. It is a very easily filled in form on Display Reviews in Monimo Dashboard.

Here the situations when it is best to use Monimo Assistant:

  • When Monimo reviews widget isn’t visible
  • When it is visible but it is placed in a wrong place
  • When you’ve changed the Theme and widget hasn’t implemented iself in it
  • When review widget isn’t displayed properly
  • Anything else concerning display options

It is best if you include your shop’s name in the box under Monimo Assistant. Also, write what is wrong and then select which widgets aren’t working properly from the checklist below.

Before contacting contact Monimo Assistant:

  1. Check if the widgets are activated
  2. Check if your current theme is integrated
  3. If widgets are still not visible, send a ticket via Monimo Assistant and our experts will assist you soon

Here are the widgets that you can check on the checklist:

  • Review widget
  • Stars on Collection page
  • Stars on Product page
  • Monimo Pop-ups
  • Monimo Sliders
  • Sidebar widget
  • Home widget
  • Cart widget
  Integrate Monimo with your Theme
  Monimo Pop-up widget
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