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Understanding Monimo Analytics

Use analytics to measure and improve performance. Make better business decisions by understanding analytics and getting feedback from your customers. 

Analytics help you understand what brings you the most revenue, so that you can put more resources there. 

See how powerful are Monimo emails and discounts for increasing your profit. Analytics show you how well Monimo widgets pay off, in the section displaying revenue generated by them.

Analytics show your total revenue for the time period of choice from the last 7 days over the last 60 days to the last 90 days. Additionally, Monimo driven sales are also shown here. Learn more about Monimo driven sales here.

Below the revenue graph you can see how many reviews have you collected under Reviews Collected.

Three different types of revenue are also highlighted – Acquisition, Retention and Conversion revenue.

In analytics you can also see requests metrics like how many were sent, delivered, opened and clicked. Analytics show you how many reviews were collected during a certain period of time. 

Number of old customer orders driven by Monimo emails or discounts are displayed in metrics as well, because we care about all of your customers.

Referral performance is also included where you can see how much revenue was generated through the referral program and through what channels. Feel the power of these features through analytics. 

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  What are Monimo-Driven Sales
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