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How to display Monimo Slider

Monimo Slider allows you to display reviews in a dynamic way. 

How to activate Monimo Slider automatically

To activate and customize Monimo Slider automatically follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Display Reviews in Monimo Dashboard
  2. Find Monimo Slider section
  3. Click ‘Add New Slider’

In settings for Monimo Sliders you can adjust the following:

  • Slider header – Write the title for your Sliders in the box
  • Active – Turn Slider header on or off

In Display options for Monimo Sliders adjust the following:

  • Template style – Choose the perfect template 
  • Show product star – Include star rating
  • Show avatar – Display customer avatar
  • Show border – Display review border
  • Show product photos – Include or not photos from the reviews
  • Show quote symbols – Put quotation marks on the reviews
  • Equal box sizes – Adjust so that all boxes are the same
  • Show comment – Display the content of the review
  • Show date – Activate or deactivate the display of the date
  • Link review to product – Have a review from Slider linked to its product
  • Add all published reviews to Slider – You can automatically add all published reviews to Monimo Sliders
  • Date format – Set date format to best fit the region you are selling to
  • Border radius – Slide to adjust border radius 
  • Background color – Choose between Solid and Gradient color for your background. Select the color you want for your background
  • Review text color – Choose the text color 
  • Name text color – Choose the color for the name on the review
  • Date text color – Choose the color of the date
  • Number of reviews per slide – Choose how many reviews you want on one slide
  • Max number of slides – Adjust the maximum number of slides 
  • Maximum number of characters in comment – Set the maximum number of characters per comment
  • Display order – Choose in which order are reviews displayed in Slider
  • Auto loop – Activate auto loop to have Slider start again once it finishes presenting all the slides
  • Slide duration – Set for how long will one slide be displayed

Follow all changes in Live Preview and enjoy your new slider.

Drag and Drop

To add Testimonial Slider with Drag and Drop option follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Display Reviews tab in Monimo Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to ‘Drag and Drop’ option

3. In ‘Choose theme’ select your desired theme from the dropping menu then click on ‘Customize’ 

4. Go to the desired page

5. On the left-side menu, click ‘Add section’ and choose ‘Monimo – Review Slider’ under APPS

6. Edit and insert ID of desired slider in the Settings. You can find ID in settings for Slider in Monimo app.

7. Position the widget where you’d like it to appear by dragging it up or down

8. Click ‘save’ button

If you have any troubles going through previously mentioned steps please contact our Support Team

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