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How to display product reviews on Google Shopping

Enhance your store’s visibility and credibility with our new feature that allows Shopify merchants to seamlessly integrate their reviews with the Google Merchant Review Feed. By connecting your customer reviews directly to Google, you can significantly boost your product’s online presence and attract more traffic to your store. This integration not only showcases your customer feedback on a widely recognized platform but also helps in improving your product’s search ranking on Google.


Guidelines Set by Google

Google enforces specific criteria for reviews, which include:

  • A minimum of 50 product reviews from genuine customers is required.
  • All reviews, even negative ones, should be incorporated.
  • Reviews must not infringe on copyrights, be offensive, or seem spam-like.
  • Personal information (e.g., full names, email addresses, phone numbers) should not be present in the reviews.

In adherence to these guidelines, we incorporate all Published reviews while excluding AliExpress imported reviews from the reviews feed.

Product ratings and reviews are associated with products through the use of a unique product identifier called GTIN. Google will display star ratings solely when the system verifies that the information is both accurate and relevant to customers.


How to participate:


1. Submit the Product Feed

If you possess a Google account, such as Gmail, begin the process by visiting the Merchant Center.

Subsequently, follow Google’s instructions to manually generate and upload a product feed.

Approval of your products by Google generally takes approximately 10 business days.

2. Enroll in the Product Ratings Program

Fill out the Product Ratings Interest Form.

Choose “No” when asked, “Do you work with an approved third-party reviews aggregator?”

A few days after submitting the form, the Product Reviews tab will be available in your Merchant Center. 


3. Create and upload the feed for product reviews


From your Monimo dashboard go to:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Integrate with Google Merchant Review Feed
  • Enable the XML feed
  • Click Save.


From your Merchant Center:

  • click on Marketing in the left menu
  • go to Product reviews > Reviews feeds
  • click the “+” button on the Feeds page


Name and input method

  • Give your feed a name
  • Select Scheduled fetch and click Continue



  • Go to your Monimo Dashboard > Settings > Advanced > Integrate with Google Merchant Review Feed
  • Copy the URL and paste it into File URL in Google Merchant Center
  • Fetch frequency: select Daily
  • Fetch time and Time zone: Choose value
  • Skip the username and password fields
  • Click Create feed


4. Follow up with Google

At first, your Reviews feed will show “Status: inactive. Your account isn’t currently eligible for Product Ratings. Your star ratings won’t appear on your product listings.”

Once your store gets on-boarded for the Google Product Ratings Program, it will take 3-4 days for the status to update and for the reviews to get live online.

Throughout this timeframe, a representative from Google Shopping may reach out to you for further details regarding your reviews.


5. Troubleshoot issues

The entire procedure may span 2-6 weeks. If all details align between the product feed and reviews feed, your reviews should now be visible on Google Shopping.

If they still do not appear, reach out to Google Shopping support to identify and address the issue. 


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