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How to customize Rating Stars

The Rating star represents the rounded up average rate of the product. Upon installing Monimo includes the rating star code into your shop. 

To customize your stars you can either use Monimo dashboard or to manually edit code. 

How to change Rating star color?

Monimo has yellow rating stars by default. Changing the color affects all rating stars. 

For customizing rating star color do the following:

  1. Go to Star rating Customization under Display reviews in Monimo Dashboard or to Theme settings
  2. Click on the color field next to ‘Icon color’ 
  3. Drag the selector to choose the color for your rating stars

By default, Monimo presents the number of reviews next to the Rating stars in parenthesis.

Follow these instructions to customize the text that appears by the star ratings:

  1. Go to Shopify Theme Settings
  2. Select ‘Actions’ menu and click on ‘Edit code’
  3. Open the liquid file that you’ve added star ratings to (for product page usually usually product.liquid or product-template.liquid; for collection page usually product-grid-item.liquid / product-loop.liquid / product-info.liquid; for cart page usually usually cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid)
  4. Find this code: <div id=”monimo_rate_6″ product-id=”{{ }}” data-pattern=”[rating] ([count] {reviews}) “></div>
  5. Replace the code with this one, if you want only rating to be visible: <div id=”monimo_rate_6″ product-id=”{{ }}” data-pattern=”[rating] “></div>
  6. Also, you can display only count, without rating: <div id=”monimo_rate_6″ product-id=”{{ }}” data-pattern=”([count] {reviews}) “></div>

7. If you want to display only stars, without count and rating, use this code <div id=”monimo_rate_6″ product-id=”{{ }}” data-pattern=””></div>

Translate the “reviews” text to any language you wish. Go to Translation tab in your Monimo dashboard and change review count text. 

If you need any assistance, please contact our Support Team. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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