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How to Manage Reviews

In this article we will show you how you can manage reviews with Monimo. 

You can choose what reviews to publish and what not. You can hide inappropriate reviews as well. 

Edit reviews 

To edit reviews before publishing:

  1. Go to Reviews tab in your Monimo Dashboard
  2. Click on ‘View and Edit Reviews” for desired product
  3. Find the review you want to edit
  4. Next to the review click on the ‘note and a pen’ icon
  5. Change what you wish in the form that is now open  

Here is what you can edit in a review:

  • First and Last name
  • Email
  • Country 
  • Comment 
  • Rating 
  • Photos 

You can publish the review from this form as well with ‘Publish’ button.

To approve reviews through Monimo Dashboard go to pending reviews. Click the ‘Approve’ button for reviews you want published.

How to Reply to Reviews

Interacting with customers is very important and beneficial for your shop. Thanking the customer that left a positive review or addressing the issue of those that left a negative review can improve your connection with customers. That is why Monimo made it so easy to reply to them.

To write a public reply:

  1. Go to Reviews tab
  2. Click the ‘Reply’ button for the review you want to reply to

Your customer gets notified by email once you’ve replied to their review. This reply is also publicly visible. You can edit a published reply.

In case you need assistance with anything our Support Team is more than happy to help you! 

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