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Monimo Pop-up widget

Monimo Pop-ups display reviews while the customer is browsing through your shop. If the customer is on a product page, reviews from this product will show, meaning that pop-ups are content aware widget. On other pages, pop-ups will show reviews from different products in your shop.

How to activate Pop-ups automatically

To activate Pop-ups automatically follow these steps:

  1. Go to Display Reviews in your Monimo Dashboard

2. Find Pop-ups and activate them

3. Go to ‘Check App embeds’, enable Monimo Pop-ups and save settings


How to activate Pop-ups manually

To activate Pop-ups manually follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Shopify’s Themes menu
  2. Select ‘Actions’ menu and click ‘Edit code’
  3. Choose Layout/theme.liquid file and add this code at the bottom of the page:

<div id=”monimo_social_proof” class=” shopbooster-temp-{{ }}”></div>

4. Click ‘save’

Customizing Pop-ups

Meet your shop’s needs by customizing Pop-ups in Display Reviews on Monimo Dashboard under Pop-ups Settings.


Position – Choose which corner you wish for a Pop-up to appear in

Size – Adjust the size that fits your shop the best

Background colour – Change colour to fit your brand colours. Choose between gradient and solid colours

Font colour – Match font colour with the background colour

Border radius – Adjust border radius to polish the look

Show on mobile – Activate or deactivate Pop-ups on mobile version



Product page only – Show reviews as pop-ups only on product page for current product

Mobile position – If you choose to activate Pop-ups on mobile set the best fitting position for it

Display time – Set for how long should one Pop-up stay

Maximum per page – Set how many notifications are maximum for one page

Delay time between notifications – Adjust how many seconds should pass between the two notifications

Delay time to show Pop-up after opening the page – Set time to pass since opening the page for first pop-up to appear


If you have some trouble implementing the code don’t hesitate to contact us via Monimo assistant.

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