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Review listing for products

Edit, delete and do many more with your reviews on Reviews listing page. Explore features and learn how to use them with the guide below.

Pin to top – If you feel that a review deserves more attention, we made a perfect option for that. Pin it to the top by clicking on the ‘three upward-pointing arrows’ button. After the review has been pinned to the top the button’s icon will show a pin. To undo this action just click the now pin button and the review will no longer be pinned.

Edit – Monimo allows you to edit imported reviews as well as ones written by your customers. This gives you full control over your reviews. To edit reviews just click on the pencil button. It opens a page where you can edit name, gender, country, comment, rating, number of likes, date and even add or remove photos. On this page you can also publish or unpublish the review.

Reply review – reply to customer review. Your reply will be send to customer email.

Delete – You can delete imported reviews and ones your customers leave. To do so, click on the trash can button next to the review. If you don’t want to erase them completely, next to every review is an on-off button used for changing visibility of the review.

Search – To navigate reviews more easily use search bar to find reviews with keywords (i.e. good, bad, delivery…)

Autopilot – Save your time by turning autopilot on. Click on Import Reviews. Under the link box you can find Autopilot next to the ‘paper plane’ icon. There, choose between on, off and default. To view default settings go to Import settings.

CSV – For easy access CSV file import is available in this page as well. Read more here.

Import – To import reviews from Amazon, Etsy, EBay and AliExpress go to import Reviews. There, paste the product link in the box and click import reviews. Monimo will automatically recognize which site you are importing from. After reviews are imported you can choose whether to publish them or not and you can edit or even delete them. You can put your review import on autopilot.

Preview – You can preview reviews before publishing them by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon.

In case you need assistance with anything our Support Team is more than happy to help you! 


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