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Explore features and actions available on the ‘Orders page’.

  • Go to order – easily access your orders by clicking on ‘Go to order’ button next to the shopping cart icon
  • Cancel – manually cancel Review request emails for specific order
  • Send nowmanually send Review request emails for specific order
  • Send review request manually – immediately send Review request email manually 
  • Search – easily navigate through your orders using the search bar. You can search orders by the customer’s name, email address, phone number.

Filter orders by different Request email statuses:

  • Sent – Review request email was sent to the customers
  • Scheduled/Pending fulfillment (Awaiting fulfillment)  – Review request email will be sent after fulfillment of the order or it is scheduled and waiting to be sent
  • Review received – the customers has already written a review or they have written it once they received the email
  • Blacklisted –  customers you flagged as blacklisted
  • Cancelled – Review request email was canceled  

For any further explanation don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team!

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