Generating reviews

Monimo can help you collect and display reviews with style. Generate more photo reviews as well. There are many Monimo features that make this possible and Review Request Emails are one of the main channels for generating them. Review request emails  Review Request emails are the main channel for collecting reviews with Monimo. To customize […]
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Setting the Timing for Review Request Emails

Pick the best fitting time for requests adjusted to your shipping and delivery. If the review request arrives before the product itself it won’t be very pleasant for the customer. However, if the request comes too late it might not capture the initial excitement with the product. Here are the few things you need to […]
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How to Customize Review Request Emails

Monimo schedules and sends review request emails for you, automatically. These emails are an important channel for collecting reviews. Monimo emails can be customized within settings. Customize email content, style, design and color for all of its parts like text, background and email footer. You can even put your own logo. Read more to learn […]
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Reminder Emails for Review Requests

This email comes after a review request email was already sent and your customer didn’t write a review. It is useful because it reminds customers that they often want to write the review but at the time of the arrival of the first review request mail they either didn’t have a chance to try out […]
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How to change Language of Monimo Reviews and Emails

Monimo is currently supporting automated translation of reviews and emails into following 17 languages: English Spanish German French Italian Russian Portuguese Turkish Japanese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Danish Dutch Norwegian Finnish The default text for all the review widgets including review submission form as well as emails directed to your customers like reminder, […]
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Bonus Reviews Request Email

We give you an opportunity to send additional Review Request emails when first installing Monimo. These emails can be sent costlessly to all your previous customers that fulfilled purchases in the past 60 days. If you hadn’t used this option while setting up Monimo you can do so by going to Dashboard and selecting ‘Schedule […]
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