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Monimo referrals

Turn your happy customers into more customers using Monimo referrals.

Motivating customers to share your shop with friends and family will generate more income and boost the traffic.

There are two types of referrals – Post-Purchase and Post-Review.

  • Post-Purchase – offer customers to share discounts after making a purchase
  • Post-Review – offer customers to share a discount after writing a positive (4 or 5 star) review 

Referral performance

The revenue as well as the customers’ engagement in the referral program is shown on Dashboard.

It works in the same way as all other Monimo analytics, so you can see your analytics in different time frames like Last 7, Last 30 and Last 60 days.

  • Shares – shows the number of links shared by your customers
  • Revenue – shows how much revenue did you get from the referral program. It includes both customers that purchased through the referral link as well as the revenue generated from referring customers using discounts from the program

You are also provided with these analytics in our monthly emails.

In case you need assistance with anything our Support Team is more than happy to help you! 

  Post-Purchase Referral
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