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Collecting reviews has never been easier

Boosting your social proof with reviews has never been easier now that Monimo is here to help collect them. Make writing reviews as valuable to your customers as it is to you. Setting rewarding programs motivates customers to leave reviews by getting discounts in your shop in return. These reviews further build trust with new customers making your shop sales increase. Customers are left with positive feelings towards your shop.

Good news travels quickly with referrals

Convert happy customers into more, with unique referral programs. Offer discounts to new customers, and to trusted customers as well. Customers get discounts for inviting their friends to your shop or by sharing discounts with them. Such a stimulating way of referring to your shop can easily motivate referring customers to do so, and new customers to rush into your shop.

Gain trust with the magic of one click

One-click import of reviews from the biggest shopping websites powered up with many handy options. Adjust settings before importing your product's reviews to your shop. Choose options like importing 4 or 5 star only reviews, language, picture-only reviews and many more. Type in the keywords you want to avoid in your import. Opt for your favorite styles and choose the best placing for your reviews.

Create your dream shop

We want you to have control over your shop design with powerful theme settings. Adjust colours, fonts and style to fit your shop perfectly. A good and visually appealing shop adds to the customer shopping experience. Spending time in a well designed shop is like a candy for customers eye, making that time pleasant and enjoyable. Experiment with numerous settings we offer to find the best fit for your shop.

Build trust in your customers' language

Present reviews in your customers' native language by automatically translating reviews for import. Translation option is a wonderful opportunity for local shop owners to bring their shops closer to their customers. Just set the language your customers speak in before importing reviews and your shop will have the new appealing local spirit. With built trust and more language inclusivity conversions are maximized.

Better decisions with handy analytics

Get the insight of your sales and where they come from. Analytics are your best friend when making business decisions. In analytics all of your marketing and sales funnels are shown. You can see where sales are coming from. How strong each of your social media channels are. All the help from Monimo is presented there as well, so that you can have an insight as to what option works best and brings you the most sales.

Make reviews just right

Display all the information you think is important to your customers. Adjust date format to fit your local shop so nothing feels out of order. Additionally, display the country of review if it benefits your customers, improving experience if you sell internationally. Decide on what order your reviews should go, to match the intuitive way your customers see them. Various options of style and colour are a fantastic tool for keeping your shop looking awesome. Design your dream shop with Monimo.

Install Monimo and start exploring our powerful features.


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