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Easily adjust theme settings to make your dream shop.

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Reviews present just way you like

Choose layouts that fit your brand voice. Have your shop speak in a consistent way. Make it recognizable. Develop the familiar feeling customers get when seeing your signature shop look. Arrange your reviews in different layout styles. Nice and neat review arrangements make them more easily scannable and give an overall better visual impression when the shop is visited.

Good-looking shop on every device

Surfing the internet is not exclusive to desktops. Customers make purchases through their phones, laptops and tablets creating a demand for web shop design responsive to the device. That is exactly what Monimo responsive design is offering you. Choose a different number of columns for every device so the fit is always meticulous without ruining your style. Hide or show reviews on different devices. Be flexible and consistent.

Present reviews in the best way

Create a unique and recognizable shop design with various display options. Choose what to show in your shop and in what format, number or colour to add it depending on the type of option. Find the right balance of information shown. Add sections like summary that help catch attention from customers that scan the text only. Adjust name format and image size that complete reviews making them more trustworthy.

Create a more stylish shop while publishing reviews

We want you to have full control over your shop’s look. Adjust the design to your preferences in no time. Decide whether your reviews will have avatars and how they should look. Light and dark Theme styles are available to really set the tone. Choose everything up to avatar shape, color scheme and icon settings. Increase credibility with reviews that feel like they belong in your shop.

Unleash your creativity with CSS

For those willing to experiment with review designs we’ve created CSS Playground. Unleash your creativity and test the limits of review designs. Experiment with whatever CSS code allows you to create. Have fun shaping your shop with your ideas. Try out new and unforeseen ideas in your shop with easy to use CSS experimentation environment.

Complete your trustworthy reviews

Multiple avatar styles are available for your reviews. Choose between circle and square, whether your shop design is more curvy and soft or modern minimalist and edgy, like square. Align Avatar icons in a way that compliments your shop's design and style. Three types of avatar images are there to always have an avatar fitting your style. Every detail was cared for when designing the app so that nothing falls out of place.

Ratings that stand out with original stars

Stand out more by changing your rating stars to different shapes like hearts, snowflakes or paws. Monimo offers a vast amount of icons to fit every shop. Don’t miss out trying fish, cookie or like rating star design. Hit the more modern note appealing to the youngest generations with rating stars like skull shaped ones. Or you can just stick to the classic star shaped ratings.

Join Monimo and make your shop stand out.


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