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How to move Monimo Product widget on the product page

In most cases Monimo recognises your shop’s liquid files and puts reviews on the product page at the bottom by default.

For the widget to be visible you have to change its visibility from ‘Always hidden’ in Display reviews under Display Reviews Settings.

To move Monimo widget on the product page follow the next steps:

    1. Go to Shopify Theme Settings
    2. Select ‘Actions’ menu and click on ‘Edit code’ 
    3. Open product page file for the Theme you use (usually product.liquid or product-template.liquid file, it depends on the Theme)
    4. Find the following line of code: <div id=”monimo-ali” product-id=”{{ }}” ></div><script src=””></script>
    5. Cut the entire line of code and paste it in the position you want your reviews to be in two of the following ways:

Move Up. Paste the code wherever you want the widget to appear within sections/product-template.liquid.
Move Down. Paste the code at the bottom of templates/product.liquid.

If you need any assistance editing your liquid code, please contact our Support Team. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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