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For customers that always remember to leave a review

People spend a lot of time reading their emails which makes it a perfect tool for communication with your clients. Email reminders are easily set with Monimo. Customers getting a notification reminding them to leave a review significantly increases your number of reviews. Lots of organic reviews drastically boost your sales by improving social proof with numerous reviews.

Have customers always reminded for reviews

SMS reminders are powerful tools for getting more customers' reviews. Their effectiveness is due to the highest opening rates, which means spreading your message to the most customers. This approach impacts your review collection rate bringing it to its maximum. A great amount of reviews helps gain more loyal and trusting customers that see your value before even getting to use your products.

Send emails with style

Make your emails more memorable and recognizable using different email appearance settings like background, font and text color that have a spectrum of options. Adjust everything you want to make your brand voice noticeable even in your emails. With easily recognisable brand image regular customers are in much greater numbers, significantly improving your conversion. Feeling familiarity brings good emotions towards your brand.

Understand your customers' needs better

Multiple-choice questions in review forms provide easily-scannable reviews that highlight the essential benefits of the product. Make writing reviews and giving the right and useful information easy for your customer by providing the answers for them in advance. Better reviews that take the least time to pick out the important information drastically improve customer’s shopping experience and saves them a lot of time.

Rewarding and motivating customers

Motivate customers to leave reviews and to spread the word about your shop with stimulating discounts. Discount rewards can work in two ways. One is to offer a code that can be used by any customer that fulfills requirements that you’ve set within Shopify. It can be shared among customers so it’s great for spreading the word. Other one is a unique code for a specific customer and cannot be shared.

Collect more photos reviews easily

Have more photo reviews than ever with Photo reminder turned on and watch your conversion increase. Photo reviews are much more trustworthy than regular ones because they show the product in a real world environment. Maximize the impact of your reviews by including photo reviews that are more easily collected now than ever.

Download the app and start collecting stylish reviews.


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