Increase revenue with referring happy customers.

Motivate your customers to leave reviews with Monimo.

Watch customers recommend your shop to their friends

Everyone likes rewards, so why not reward your customers for leaving reviews. Post-review referrals benefit from customers that leave positive reviews by offering these customers to share discounts with their friends to use in their next purchase. Convert the power of good recommendation into many new customers and strengthen your connection with loyal customers.

Get customers to share positive reviews

Encourage customers to share discounts with their friends. Welcoming them to your shop in such a way can lower abandoned cart rates and lead to more sales. Being introduced to your shop in such a way already promises better interaction and higher satisfaction while shopping. Satisfied customers are prone to buying more which generates more conversion. These customers can easily become new referrals for your shop putting the good word out there in the world.

Let customer share your business with style

Referrals matching your brand in the background, text and button color increases your brand's recognizability. Use the benefits of one or two sided incentives. Check all the settings that will make your referrals go with your style perfectly. The more familiar customers get with your shop’s colours and style creates a feeling of closeness, simulating the feeling of trust and leading to more sales.

Bring happiness to both sides

Encourage customers to refer your shop to their friends and family using amazing two-sided incentive features. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it rewards both customers hence motivating the referring customer even more. Rewarding customers for referring to your shop develops a great feeling of happiness and care towards your brand, strengthening the customer's loyalty.

Motivate your customers to leave reviews with Monimo.


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