Post-Purchase Referral

Post-purchase referral incentives customers to share a referral link with their friends and family. Two-sided incentive motivates your referring customer more because they are also rewarded a discount by sharing a link. An activated referral widget is positioned on the order status page, where customers are offered to share the link. They can be shared […]
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Post-Review Referral

Post-Review referrals offer customers that left 4 or 5 star reviews, to share their review with friends and family. They send a link to a discount for their friends that can be used for the next purchase in your shop. To set the discount and customize the last page of review submission go to Referral […]
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Discounts for Photo Reviews

Monimo gives you an opportunity to give your customers a discount for submitting photo reviews.  There are two different types of discount codes you can offer. One being a unique code for that specific customer which cannot be shared with others. Another type is a single code that can be used by any customer that […]
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