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Basic features to start online business.

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  • Orders per Month: 20
  • Collect reviews and photo reviews
  • Review widgets on Product page
  • Manage reviews (add, edit, delete, pin to the top, bulk options)
  • AliExpress Reviews Importer
  • Translation
  • Monimo Assistant


Set review widgets. Get your business up and running.

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  • All Pre-launch features
  • Orders per Month: 100
  • Collect reviews and photo reviews
  • Review widgets
  • AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy Reviews Importer
  • Analytics & Insights
  • CSV import


Level up with features that grow with you.

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  • All Lift-off features
  • Orders per Month: 300
  • Review keyword blacklist
  • SEO


Add more power to your reviews with advanced tools.

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  • All Orbit features
  • Orders per Month: 5,000
  • More review widgets
  • Custom questions
  • Monimo Copilot and Migration Support

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