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For a business to grow, changes must be made.
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Basic features to start online business.
  • Product & Collection page widgets
  • AliExpress reviews importer
  • Manage reviews
  • Theme customization
  • Translate widgets
  • And much more


Set review widgets. Get your business up and running.
  • All Pre-launch features
  • Monimo Pop-ups
  • Home page widget
  • Happy customer page
  • Amazon, Etsy, Ebay reviews
  • Remove branded logo


Level up with features that grow with you.
  • All Lift-off features
  • Review keyword blacklist
  • Cart page widget
  • Sidebar widget
  • Testimonial slider
  • SEO - Google Rich Snippets


Add more power to your reviews with advanced tools.
  • All Orbit features
  • Email & SMS reminder ($0.01 per email, $0.1 per SMS)
  • Referrals
  • Custom questions
  • Auto Update Reviews
  • Analytics

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